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It was a pleasure meeting with you at the Asian Six Sigma Summit. Thanks very much for joining us as a speaker. The conference received excellent feedback and I’d really like to thank you for your involvement in steering the proceedings in the right direction!

Comments on your presentations from the delegates:
• Informative and articulate
• Enjoyed the presentation
• Rather interesting blend of various QC tools
• Excellent selection
• Very articulate
• Great facilitator
• Able to summarize each session in a simple and concrete manner
• Good introduction

You played an integral role in making this conference a fantastic success!  I'd like to sincerely thank you for your time and effort in making this a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone. It has been a real pleasure and I certainly look forward to meeting with you again.

Fiona Tan - Conference Director
6 Sigma Quality Summit in Singapore

(Trevor Smith served as moderator for satellite link of Asian conference with retired GE CEO Jack Welch)

Thank you for a terrific moderating job.  Satellites make your job harder than the usual and you were flawless..I wish you continued success.

Jack Welch (GE Corporate)

Trevor Smith’s gift for critical thinking, his grasp of diplomacy and tact, have transformed both Kodak and ISO TC 176 into the digital age.  Taking a highly diverse and often entrenched world-wide company from film emulsion  to pixels and working with quality standards delegates  from hundreds of countries to reach consensus is demanding work.  To Trevor Smith, it appears to be simply a matter of active listening, structured support and empowerment.  No doubt it works, as the ISO 9001 standard and Kodak’s future have been transformed by his insightful and visionary leadership. 

Paul Palmes, Business Standards Architects, Inc., Fargo, ND

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